Truffle SCI Income Plus Fund

Ideal investment timeframe

3 months-1 year

Investment minimums

  • Lump sum: R10 000
  • Monthly: R500

Investor need

Earn an income that is higher than the income from a money market portfolio while preserving capital

How the portfolio aims to achieve this

Invest in a range of fixed income securities, including corporate, government and quasi-government bonds

Risk exposure

  • Since the bulk of the portfolio is invested in floating rate corporate bonds, the duration and volatility risk is low, but there is the risk of widening credit spreads
  • The portfolio holds secure instruments that prevent exposure to low-quality credit risk

Asset allocation

  • The portfolio predominantly invests in short-term non-equity securities
  • A proportion of the portfolio may be invested in longer-dated securities if the market conditions permit
  • Interest-bearing securities include bonds, debentures, debenture stock, debenture bonds, notes, non-cumulative preference shares, other non-equity securities, money market instruments, assets in liquid form, participatory interests, as well as listed and unlisted financial instruments

Income distribution


ASISA category

South African Interest Bearing – Short Term
(governed by the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act of 2002 (CISCA))

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*The legal registered name of this fund is: Truffle Sanlam Collective Investments Income Plus Fund”

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