Amplify SCI Wealth Protector Fund

Ideal investment timeframe

3-5 years

Investment minimums

LISPs minimums apply

Investor need

Protect and grow your capital over the medium to long term and get a stable income at low levels of volatility

How the portfolio aims to achieve this

  • Protect capital in real (after inflation) terms, while providing a reasonable level of income
  • Follow active asset allocation and securities selection strategies appropriate to meet the needs of cautious investor

Risk exposure

The portfolio displays low volatility levels, designed to reduce the probability of capital losses

Income distribution


ASISA category

South African Multi Asset − Low Equity
(governed by the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act of 2002 (CISCA))

Asset allocation

  • Limited or no exposure to equities, since it is designed for maximum capital protection and aims to ensure a stable income and/or income growth
  • The portfolio may invest in listed and unlisted financial instruments (derivatives) and offshore investments from time to time to achieve its investment objective
  • The portfolio may also invest in participating interest of portfolios of collective investment schemes and in exchange-traded funds listed on a recognised exchange
  • Net exposure to South African and foreign markets will not exceed:
    • 40% for equities
    • 60% for bonds
    • 50% for cash

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*The legal registered name of this fund is the Amplify Sanlam Collective Investments Wealth Protector Fund

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